In-Home Therapy Providers

Services that Fit Your Needs

Innovate Rehab & Wellness offers management agreements that can be adjusted to fit your exact needs, keeping you from paying for more than you need. We are experts on the entire rehab program process, so no matter what your needs are, we can provide support, training and oversight every step of the way. 

Our Management Agreements

  • Start-up Management: Converts your current rehab team or recruits new team members, helps you choose the right documentation software, develops and implements policies to give you structure for therapy programming

  • Monitoring: An ongoing program of onsite visits to audit charts, identify opportunities, generate key performance reports, mentor and educate the therapy team and assist in program development 

  • Management: The highest level of management includes all of the above and provides an onsite rehab manager that can be in the facility daily, driving your rehab program, increasing revenue and delivering excellent patient outcomes

Our Services

  • Onsite visits and weekly oversight of caseloads

  • Ongoing performance and documentation audits

  • Rehab team assessments and training

  • Education on current and upcoming rules and regulations to keep your rehab and 

  • nursing team in compliance

  • Staffing assistance during PTO, FMLA and increased caseload periods; Recruiting and converting our contract therapy team to in-house

Other One-Time or Annual Services

  • Annual Therapy Program Survey

    • Education on new Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations for post-acute care (Medicare A), Part B therapy and durable medical equipment

    • Chart audits for post-acute care and long-term care therapy (Medicare B) to assess Medicare compliance and risk of negative audit findings

    • Lost revenue report for therapy services focusing on CPT coding, Medicare rules, average length of stay, visits per
      referral and units per visit

    • Review of quality indicators to measure the effectiveness of therapy services, improving quality indicators and driving up star ratings

  • Program Development
    Guidance in developing and implementing programs that will drive census, increase reimbursement and improve your quality indicators. Programs include:

    • Fall Prevention

    • Urinary Incontinence

    • Pressure Ulcer Reduction

    • Dementia Programming

    • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

    • Parkinson’s Disease (or other neuromuscular management)

    • Restorative Programming​

  • Post-Acute Care Program Assessment 
    In-depth assessment of your ICD-10 coding to ensure that reimbursement opportunities aren’t overlooked and to increase profitability. 

  • Outpatient Therapy Program Development
    Assistance with developing outpatient therapy programs that meet the needs of your facility and the community and provide additional revenue sources. 

  • Construction Planning
    Assistance in determining the right space and equipment for rehab services from our leaders with experience remodeling and designing a variety of therapy spaces. 

  • Educational Webinars
    A variety of webinars are available to educate and assess your team are available, including: 

    • Section GG Training

    • CPT and ICD-10 Coding

    • Restorative Education

    • Leadership Training

    • MDS/RAI Training​



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